Week 11 (11/01/19)

Final Preparations

Practicing the Presentation

Today we have been practicing for the presentation and making some final adjustments to the order and some speech. All of the other aspects of the competition have been finished and everyone mostly knows their words for the project presentation. The Core Values poster has been printed after some more final edits and the robot and all its attachments are complete. To see our FLL code, please go to https://github.com/rs-blackthunder/fll

Sumo Competition

After the FLL, we will be running a Lego robotics sumo competition in the Friday club. the area that the bots will fight in is roughly the size of the FLL test board and the robots will fight until one robot is destroyed or cannot move. We also did this last year and receive a lot of positive feedback from club members. 

This week members have been starting to build their robots that they will use in the competition and brainstorming what good tactics are and what attachments to use to carry out these methods.


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