Nationals - Post 3 (25/01/19)

Colour Coded Attachments

This week, the building team have been working on a replica of the front of the black thunder robot. They are doing this because they want to try and use colour sensors and colour coded attachments so that the turn overs between runs is almost seamless. This is something we were trying to do for the regional competition but we decided not to.

Contacting for the project

We are currently awaiting replies from the people whom we contacted about the project in the previous week. These are: NASA; The European Space Agency and Dr Ruth Bamford at the University of Oxford and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Reversing Polarities

The coding team have been testing the different runs and editing the code so that it is more accurate. The main thing they have been working on is reversing the polarities of the motors for 7 different parts of the runs. This is an attempt to made the robot more accurate.

Sumo Competition

The year 7 and 8's have been continuing to work on their robot. Some of them have started to build attachments such as flippers or hammers. Some groups have also managed to use the Lego Mind-storms app to test and control their robots


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