Competition Day - Regional Win

Earlier today, nine of us went to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, in Didcot, to compete in our regional FLL. Core values was first, at 10:15, and went quite well, with us all saying things and our pre-prepared poster helping us out too. We achieved second place in the core values ranking.

Next, as 12:00, we had our first robot game, which went terribly. Because there was no practice table and we didn't have enough pre-game time, we weren't able to calibrate our colour sensors and turning constant, so none of our movement worked properly. We scored zero (although also had three penalties for interruption).

At 13:00, we had robot design, and this went amazingly. The judges were very impressed - especially with the robustness of our robot and the modular, fully-commented code (which is available, open-source, on GitHub). We ranked second on this and received comments from the judges afterwards that our robot and coding were exceptional.

Next was another robot game session, where we scored 74 points, after a lot of our code again failed - mainly due to turning.

This was followed by our project presentation; we felt this went really well - but we didn't rank in the top three for this discipline.

Our last session was at 2:45 - the last of the day - and was another robot game session, in which we scored 94 points. This brought us into second place in the robot game, beating Brainstorm by one point.

After not receiving any specific discipline rewards (e.g. project, robot design), none of us were expecting to win the overall trophy, and were all very shocked when we were announced as the winners!

We will share our core values poster, project and robot design documents in the near future.


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