Week 8 (23/11/18)

Robotics Club Competition

This week, the year 7 and 8 teams have been redesigning some of their robots, after they realised they weren't very sturdy, and movement was restricted. They had some tips from Matthew and have learned a lot this week. They are now well only the way to producing effective robots. Coding has been put on hold until the robots and tasks for the robots to complete (of which each team will design and build two) have been completed. However, many people now understand the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 programming environment.

FLL Project

Research has begun this week into a method of absorbing cosmic radio waves in space, using an attachment on the front of spaceships. This is after the project team decided it would be the best idea of theirs to pursue, as it is a challenging and very interesting topic. The research document has started taking shape; should be done within the next few weeks. Work will then begin on the presentation.

FLL Mission Attachments

Lucas has been working on an attachment to load and send the three payloads down the ramp, for the 'Space Travel' mission. This involves driving forward, lowering the payload onto the ramp, reversing and then lifting the end of the ramp. It is nearly complete.


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