Week 6 2/11/18


Today, the entire team came together to look at which challenges that we will attempt to complete in the competition. They are exploring the mechanics of motion to help with the accuracy of the motors, for example how much to turn the wheel to turn the robot by one degree. We have been evaluating the difficulty to number of points ratio to determine which of the challenges we will complete. Some of the team have been researching about moments to see if we would be able to complete the explosive force challenge. Some methods we have been thinking about are using an elastic band to maximize the force output or dropping a weight onto the lever. 

Robotics Club Competition

The Year sevens and eights were finishing building their robots and starting to write the initial code for their robots. They have started to evaluate which mission models that they will complete and are refining their robots to compensate for the different attachments that they will need to use to complete the different challenges.


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