Week 10 (14/12/18)

Building Attachments In the final week of term, some of the older students have been building attachments for our FLL robot. These will be multi-use attachments, with the aim being to make our robot & runs as efficient as possible. We currently have an attachment for use with the payloads & core extraction and will produce multiple more before the competition day.
Coding the Robot Today, Matthew was adding experimental values for movement in run 1, creating the script to lower and send the payloads onto/down the ramp and drafting the rest of the runs. The speed of coding should ramp up considerably with only a few weeks left until the competition and an operational robot. Project The project is coming along nicely; the team has decided to solve the problem of cosmic radiation in space. Our idea is to create a magnetic shield - more details to come!

Robotics Club Competition - Missions (30/11/18)

Deadline for RobotsToday the year sevens and eights have been given the deadline for the completion of their Robots. They have been given 3 weeks, starting from today, to finish completing building their bots. This date has had to be delayed as some of the teams have missed some weeks so they are behind on the building of their robots.
Missions There is now a new plan for what missions they will be completing. Each team will be creating their own missions based on current and previous missions from the FLL website:
This is to help develop creativity skills in the younger students at school.

Week 9 (30/11/18)

Coding the Robot This week the team have managed to finalize the path and runs that the robot will take in the competition. After this, they have been working out the angles that the bot will need to turn through to use these paths. Additionally, they have been testing the current code for the robot and making the required modifications to the code. This process is taking a fairly long time as they are having to use trial and error to make the turns more accurate.  The Project The project team have been deciding and making notes on two different possible problems to look into with more detail. These are cosmic radiation and the cost of getting into space. They have been looking into some already present ideas to solve these (e.g Reaction Engines) and also brainstorming ones of their own.

Pi Wars Post 4

Pi Wars Post 4We were overjoyed to receive the news that we were accepted into the Pi Wars Competition. After weeks of nervous anticipation, we can finally put our game faces on and find ways to win the competition! On the 29th of October, we contemplated chassis with different turning mechanisms, and we were choosing out of two designs: fixed axles resulting in less motors or four-wheel drive, turning the wheel and its motor as one block. We believed that the latter idea will give us an advantage in the Spirit of Curiosity and Apollo 13 Obstacle Course Challenges, because the wheels will provide better traction and will be better on uneven ground, and thus we went with this. Coretec TinyOn Friday, the 9th of November, our Coretec Robotics "Tiny" arrived! This provided us with a set of four wheels that will help us dominate the Spirit of Curiosity and Apollo 13 Obstacle Course challenges, four motors and a miniature breadboard. With these parts, no challenge can stop us, as …

Week 8 (23/11/18)

Robotics Club Competition This week, the year 7 and 8 teams have been redesigning some of their robots, after they realised they weren't very sturdy, and movement was restricted. They had some tips from Matthew and have learned a lot this week. They are now well only the way to producing effective robots. Coding has been put on hold until the robots and tasks for the robots to complete (of which each team will design and build two) have been completed. However, many people now understand the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 programming environment.
FLL Project Research has begun this week into a method of absorbing cosmic radio waves in space, using an attachment on the front of spaceships. This is after the project team decided it would be the best idea of theirs to pursue, as it is a challenging and very interesting topic. The research document has started taking shape; should be done within the next few weeks. Work will then begin on the presentation. FLL Mission Attachments Lucas has been…

Week 7 (16/11/18)

FLL The Project Today we made a start on the project. They have been researching about different apps to help counter isolation and pass time. They have also hypothesized different techniques that let them see family and friend back home by using VR or AR technology. Mission Attachments The building team have been theorizing attachments for the robot so that it can complete several of the different challenges successfully. They have also started to create and refine these attachments so the work to maximum efficiency.  Some of the team have also started to write the code for these attachments, they will finish this and start testing it next week. 
Robotics club competition All of the year 7 and 8 teams have been given an EV3 Brick and a battery. They were using these to test their code, if any changes needed to be made they will most likely make the necessary changes next week. Most of the groups have almost finished their robots and some have started on attachments. However, the pro…

Pi Wars Post 3

Finished Chassis We completed the building of the chassis on Monday, the 12th of November. Complete with four grippy wheels, acrylic and a motor board, all the robot needs now are wires and a Raspberry Pi board to begin its path to victory! As well as that, four motors for four wheels on the chassis will ensure that we get the full range of movement out of the robot.