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Nationals Post 6 (15/02/19)

Final Preparations Project Presentation Today the team had a run through of the project run through. The run through was watch by one of our physics teachers, she gave use some areas of improvement, which we started to work on straight away as to get it finished before nationals tomorrow. The team also checked all of the runs and they all seemed to be fine, hopefully the robot wont decide to wobble off course like it did in regionals! New Jumpers! Today we also received the Reading School jumpers that we ordered from the RSPA (Reading School Parents Association) along with a complementary  EV3 set. They also took some team photos which will hopefully be posted on their Facebook page.

Nationals Post 5 (11/02/19)

Fine Tuning Runs Touch SensorThe building team have installed a touch sensor. This is for regulating the position of the attachment that is used for our third one. The sensor detects when a part of the attachment hits it and stops the arm moving down wards, this is to control the positioning of the arm. The coding team have also been working on making the second run much more reliable than it is, mainly by changing turning variables and moving distances. Sumo Competition  The Year seven and eights who are taking part in the sumo competition have started to battle each other. In the first match, one teams robot had its wires pulled out of their sockets. After the match this team stared to build a cage around their robot that would act as a shield. One teams robot has a very large hammer that looks very formidable.

Nationals - Post 4 (4/2/19)

PostersCore Values Toady we have been working on our core values poster (left). We have split into 6 groups, with each one working on a different part of the poster: Discovery, Coopertition, Inclusion, Integration, Team Spirit and Extra info. Everyone in the team is putting in money to have the poster printed as we are a mainly self-funded team. The Other One  After the core values poster, we created the other poster, which can be seen on the right. this poster includes more general information about the team itself. The poster includes fun facts and school info as well as other more general information about us and our FLL.